Warm-up for golf players

Improving your game of golf can be as easy as just adding a few dynamic stretches to your warm-up routine. Having a proper warm-up energises your muscles, giving them more power and flexibility and helps prevents injuries. Arrive a few minutes earlier to get your body and mind ready for the game. Below are a few stretches that target the hips, shoulders, knees and back, all typical areas for golf related injuries.

Always start with a brisk walk of 5 minutes to wake up your muscles.

Overhead lunge

Hold a golf club shoulder height with hands slightly wider than shoulders. Go into a lunge by taking a large step forward and dropping the back knee towards the floor. Lift the club up overhead to feel a stretch in your back and shoulders. Alternate sides


Hold a golf club with arms straight and slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Stand with your feet hip width apart. Twist the body from left to right and feel the stretch along your spine with each twist.

Repeat but keep the arms still and twist the lower body from side to side

Side bends

Hold golf club behind your neck and feet hip width apart. Bend sideways and try not to lean forward. Feel the stretch along the side of your torso.

Arms and chest

Hold arms straight and shoulder height in front of you. Open arms up towards the sides as if to reach your hands behind your back and swing them forward again to cross in front of your body. Repeat swinging action.

Wrists and forearms

Reach arms in front of you with palms facing down. Bend wrists down to feel the stretch at the front of your forearms. Now turn your wrists in circles towards the inside. Repeat towards the outside after a few turns.

All dynamic stretches can be repeated 10 -20 times or more. If you feel a certain area need a bit tight then add a few more repetitions until it starts to loosen up. Please consult your physiotherapist before starting any stretches that you are uncertain of.