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Now that hybrid working is the norm for many people, considering how to get the best out of your home and office working environment has become essential for both physical and mental wellbeing.


Our workshops are a pragmatic look at managing ergonomics from home and in the office, alongside considerations for general health and wellbeing while working. Each participant will take away practical knowledge on how to adjust their workstations to achieve a happy, healthy work life.


Workshops cover:

  • How to set up a comfortable workstation at home and in the office
  • Practical solutions for common problems with home workstations
  • Why it is important to take the time to set up a workstation
  • Learn how to adjust a workstation to suit you in a hot desk environment
  • Taking breaks and how to use them
  • Lighting and caring for eyes
  • Workspace considerations for focus and productivity
  • A holistic look at managing wellbeing while working from home
  • Question and Answer time

Workshops can be tailored to the needs of your team, as physiotherapists with extensive experience with ergonomics, injury management and an interest in wellbeing, we are well positioned to help you and your team live well while hybrid working.

Recent clients include Lululemon and Allen and Overy.



Amanda and Tamsin hosted an informative, engaging and practical workshop for our staff at lululemon. During a period of time where we received many complaints about home office set-ups, this workshop was highly demanded by our employees and provided our teams with expert guidance and advice as well as practising recommended exercises whilst on Zoom together. Our teams walked away feeling confident, more comfortable with their home set-up and well-informed. I would highly recommend The Physio Company to any employer looking to further support the wellbeing of their employees.