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The Business Of Comfortable Home Working – Connections Radio

With so many working from home there has been a rapid increase in work based injuries. In the Business of Comfortable Home Working we hear from Physiotherapist Amanda Harris on how to set up a comfortable home working space. A must listen for all those kitchen table workers.

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Workspace for Wellbing Talk – Fit&Well

How to reduce back pain with @thedesktest (30m)

Tips for creating a perfect home workspace.

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Setting up your home workstation for health and wellbeing – Mum’s the BOSS

Today I’m with Amanda Harris, the founder of The Physio Company. Amanda is going to be talking to us about setting up your home workstation for health and wellbeing. I know that quite a lot of you are working from home and maybe you find that you’ve got a lot more people working from your home than usual. This is all about trying to make sure that everybody who’s working from home has got a comfortable, safe, healthy space to work in.

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Women's Weekly

6 Ways To Improve Your Posture – Women’s Weekly

Whether you’re working from home, or happily retired and knitting or sewing to your heart’s content, it’s easy to slip into bad habits. But poor posture, if it’s sustained for more than an hour, leads to muscle and ligament tension, particularly in the neck, shoulder and back. This, in turn, leads to pain and joint tightness. Here are some posture tips to help prevent strain.

Women’s Weekly