How to beat the exercise blues this winter

The days are shorter. The temperatures are colder. That’s right, it’s winter… again. This is the time when it can be easy to give in to the weather and lose our great exercise habits. It can be tough to find the will to get out from under the cozy covers in the morning or find the motivation to put on the exercise shoes when it’s dark and cold outside. How do we find the will power to keep exercising through the cold months? Here are our tips for staying in the exercise game this winter!

  1. Dress the part. Make sure you have the right equipment for winter. The “it’s too cold” excuse can often be a result of bad clothing choices. A winter exercise jacket, gloves, winter hat and tights will help counteract the cold and get you exercising. Don’t forget you can always head out for a lunchtime walk to catch a few rays of sun!
  2. Find an exercise buddy. Find someone who will keep you company in the dark and will hold you accountable for turning up. Having an exercise partner will make it easier to brave the cold and motivate you to keep active.
  3. Warm up indoors. Get your body warm and your blood circulating before you head out the door. Starting with some dynamic stretches like leg swings and warm up drills such as jogging on the spot will make it easier to handle to cold weather and help prepare your body for exercise outdoors.
  4. Make an exercise calendar. Mark down your exercise days so you have a visual reminder to tell you to get out there and get moving! Setting yourself up with achievable winter goals can help you stay on track and keep you invested in staying active over the cold weather period.
  5. Change it up. Sometimes we just get bored of doing the same exercise all the time. Book a cycling class or join a running club to keep things interesting while making new friends in the process!
  6. Exercise at home. You can get a good workout at home by just using your body weight or any free weights you might have around the house. There are a lot of exercise programs online that need no equipment. Make sure you find the right one for you.
  7. Use winter to your advantage. Get into some new cold weather exercise like ice skating or skiing to help keep things exciting over the winter months. Nothing can keep you motivated like mastering a new, exciting and enjoyable activity.
  8. Remember the benefits. Keep yourself motivated by remembering why exercise is good for you! Don’t forget – exercising when it’s cold can help increase your blood flow and burn more energy and fat stores as it takes more work to keep the body warm.

Remember to always warm up and cool down when it’s cold to avoid injury and to rest when you are sick to recuperate. Lastly, make sure to reward yourself for staying active this winter! You deserve it!