Achilles Pain

Pain in the Achilles region can come from different tissues and needs to be assessed correctly so that rehab can be specifically targeted.

Achilles tendinopathy

  • Usually associated with pin point pain. Does not change with length of time of pain.
  • There is a load to pain relationship
  • Aggravating factor are – acceleration, sprinting and change of direction
  • Management consist of a progressive loading exercise program


  • Aggravated by loads that cause frictions between the tendon and sheath ie cycling
  • Can perform a hop however will have difficulty with a calf raise movement
  • Crepitus is a common presenting symptom
  • Management consists of identifying aggravating movements and limiting them, an isometric strength program with pain relief, leading to a progressive loading exercise program

Plantaris associated tendinopathy

  • Pain on medial side of Achilles near the musculotendon junction
  • Aggravated by deep dorsiflexion movements
  • Pain is worse barefoot compared to wearing shoes
  • Calf raise on an incline is pain provoking.

Our physio at The Physio Company are well educated in the assessment and treatment of Achilles pain. Please come and see us if you are suffering so we can assist you back to your normal functional level.