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We treat a wide variety of sports injuries from recent acute injury through to rehabilitation back to full fitness. Our skilled clinicians not only treat the injury but through correction of movement and muscle balance they can tailor an exercise programme for you to prevent further injury and improve your sporting technique. Whether you play the occasional round of golf or regularly run marathons our treatment will be aimed at getting you back to your sport with minimum “downtime”.

During your assessment we will look at how you move doing your particular sport to analyse any faulty movement patterns which may be contributing or aggravating your problem so that this can be remedied as well as treating the actual injury.

Some of our Physios have worked with national and Olympic teams and most of the team are actively involved in running, tennis and triathlons so we understand the importance of a speedy return to sport following injury.

Treatment often includes rehabilitation in the rehab studio area using equipment and/or the Pilates Reformer. - Read the article about common running injuries

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