The Pilates Reformer is a fantastic piece of equipment for adding more dynamic strengthening and functional movements into the Pilates mat based exercises.It can be used for rehabilitating sports injuries particularly the legs as you can re train running without weight-bearing, patients following hip and knee surgery, back pain and shoulder injuries. It can also be used for general body toning and encouraging the body to move normally. As long as you can get on and off the Reformer all ages can use it and our oldest patient who is 90 has been able to recover very quickly from a leg injury using this amazing machine.The exercises can be performed lying, kneeling, sitting or standing aiding your return to sport, walking or whatever your goal is.

The Reformer does not replace Pilates mat exercises but the extra external resistance from the springs and the effort required to stabilise the body on a moving platform adds a different dimension and produces faster results for a strong body.

We provide 1:1 Reformer sessions with an experienced Physiotherapist who is also a certified Pilates mat and equipment instructor to help you achieve your goal whether that is rehabilitation from an injury or surgery or to improve general core strength and gain a long, lean,body.


£80 per hour
£48 for 30 minutes