Pilates Classes

The Pilates classes that we run in our Claygate clinic are for a maximum of 4 people ensuring that that everyone receives lots of guidance. The classes are taken by Physiotherapists with Pilates certification and experienced Pilates teachers.

The Pilates method of exercise was devised by Joseph Pilates who was born in Germany in 1880. Whilst he was interned as a POW during the First World War he was trained as a ward orderly. It was here that he devised a gentle exercise regime for his bed ridden patients and incorporated the use of springs attached to the bed to add resistance. (the modern day Reformer!). It was evident that the patients that were doing Joseph’s exercises were improving faster than those on the other wards. His exercises routines are also said to have prevented him and his fellow prisoners contracting the influenza virus that killed thousands of POW’s.

Pilates exercises are suitable for all age groups and levels of fitness.

The main benefits are:

  • Spinal and core strengthening to relieve back and neck pain and prevent further episodes of pain.
  • Mobilisation and strengthening of the spine and joints
  • Improved posture

Pilates believed that injuries were caused by imbalances in the body and habitual poor patterns of movement which lead to compensation in other parts of the body. Once these poor patterns were corrected through exercise the pain resolved. His exercises concentrate on the precision of movement and breathing so that normal movement patterns are adopted and carried over into our everyday movements.

All classes are bookable as a 6 weeks course.

PAYG £18
6 week course £96

View and book our upcoming beginner and intermediate Pilates classes at the Claygate clinic. For further information regarding classes and class timetable please contact 01372 464968.

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