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7 million women suffer incontinence: Now, the UK’s top doctor has revealed her own ordeal to break the most embarrassing taboo of all

  • 7 million UK women suffer urinary incontinence, including Dame Sally Davies
  • The condition is ‘more embarrassing than depression or cancer,’ study says
  • It’s also estimated to cost the National Health Service over £233 million a year
  • Here, a special report investigates the most effective ways to help manage it

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A great article in the Daily Mail highlighting the incidence of urinary incontinence in our post natal population.The statistics show that 1:3 women will suffer with urinary incontinence in their lifetime. That is a huge statistic which we can do something about. The article raises the profile of Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapists who can ensure that you are activating your pelvic floor muscle correctly. All the evidence shows that if doing your pelvic floor muscle activation correctly, the majority of people can reverse urinary incontinence. It is so important to start talking about incontinence and pelvic health as it affects so many women. Although it is a common symptom following pregnancy and childbirth it is not normal and it can be treated.