The Physio Company has been providing on site physiotherapy for a number of companies in the City for 19 years.

On site physiotherapy provides a very practical benefit for staff and employer alike. It saves not only the patient’s precious time but also the Company’s time and money and creates a caring,positive Company culture.
As treatment is very accessible patients can be seen quickly which helps to resolve injuries/pain quickly and therefore less time away from work.

Providing physiotherapy in the patient’s place of work helps the Physio to gain a greater understanding of the work environment and the demands placed on the patient. This helps us to tailor the treatment and rehabilitation to the patient’s needs and time constraints.

We have in house clinics that are stand alone Physiotherapy clinics in one treatment room and other sites where we provide an integrated service with more than one treatment room, an in-house GP and gym facilities. These other services are often supplied by another provider and we are happy to work in a team with the other providers’ GP and fitness staff and we have many years of experience of doing this.
Setting up an in-house Physiotherapy service does not require a lot of space or money and the patient’s can pay for their treatment through the Company’s Private Medical Insurance. As described above we are experienced in working either alone or in a team with established gym and medical staff. If you are considering setting up an in- house Physiotherapy service we would be happy to discuss this with you.