The Physio Company has been providing onsite corporate physiotherapy for a number of companies in the City for 19 years.

Onsite physiotherapy provides a very practical benefit for staff and employer alike. It saves not only the patient’s precious time but also the Company’s time and money and creates a supportive,positive Company culture.

As treatment is very accessible patients can be seen quickly aiding quick resolution of pain and injuries and therefore less time away from work.

Being on site helps the Physio to gain a greater understanding of the work environment and the demands placed on the patient. This helps us to tailor the treatment and rehabilitation to the patient’s needs and time constraints.

In addition to onsite Physiotherapy clinics The Physio Company provides Display Screen Equipment workstation assessments and informative presentations about posture at work and the prevention of RSI in the workplace.

We provide a range of onsite corporate physiotherapy services from a stand alone physiotherapy clinic with one physiotherapist providing physiotherapy three times a week to a team of three physiotherapists providing a full time clinic with two physiotherapists working together at any one time with an onsite GP, Physiologist and gym fitness team. The in house GP, Physiologist and gym staff are provided by other providers and we have years of experience of successfully working together to provide a fully integrated service to our clients.

Setting up an in house Physiotherapy service does not require a lot of space or money. We provide the administration back up and the patients can claim their treatment fees through the Company’s Private Medical Insurer.

If you are considering setting up an in house Physiotherapy service we would be happy to discuss this with you.