The benefits of on-site physiotherapy for employers and employees

The well-being of your employees is just as important, if not more so, as their skills and ability to do the job they were hired to do. Organisations that take care of their employees are likely to have higher staff retention and a more committed team who are willing to grow with the company. This means a more positive, efficient and therefore productive business with the ability to outperform competitors.

Despite the growth of stress related illness among employees, musculoskeletal (MSK) problems remain the single biggest cause for staff absence. In 2016 30.8 million days were lost due to musculoskeletal problems, accounting for 22.4% of total sickness absence. And 1 in 5 people consult a GP about musculoskeletal problems every year. In addition to this, staff who are at work, but not performing to their full potential because of MSK disorders, cost companies as much as £15 billion a year.

The Black report recognises that work is generally good for health and well being, and that health and well-being initiatives in the workplace help to reduce the level of sickness absence, improve staff morale and retention, and improve employer reputation making it easier to attract talented employees. And whilst it’s good to recognise the health benefits of being at work it’s important for companies to make sure each employee has the necessary support they need.

On-site physiotherapy can have a hugely positive impact on both employers and employees. The three main benefits are:

1. Prevention

On site physiotherapy is a cost-effective investment for an employer keen to reduce MSK in the workplace. Easy, direct access to professional assistance and clinicial expertise allows for early intervention and prevention of potential problems for individuals.

Early treatment helps to resolve the problem quickly before a condition becomes chronic which may require more time off work and could cause a reduction in psychological well being. Investment in high quality rehabilitation adapted to the individual patients’ needs leads to better outcomes, reduces further investigations/treatment and therefore reduces costs.

In addition to physiotherapy treatment, physiotherapists who are also trained in assessing workstations can provide vital work in linking the two together and can resolve or prevent MSK disorders in the workplace by adjusting the workstation, treating the employee and giving advice on posture and simple exercises that can be done at work.

2. Less time away from work

An understanding of the company culture, achieved by working on site within the company, enables a physiotherapist to tailor their treatment and rehabilitation to the clients’ needs. For example, avoiding lengthy exercise programmes which are not realistic for a client who is working in a fast-paced environment.

Recovery and prevention programs can be tailored to suit the lifestyle of an individual and appointments arranged around their working schedule. This means less stress about trying to book an appointment outside of work hours and less time spent getting to and from an appointment.

3. Low set up costs

Providing on site physiotherapy is very cost-effective for an employer. The essential requirements are a private room and a treatment couch which don’t require huge amounts of space. Most physiotherapists are registered with private medical insurers and the physiotherapy fees can be charged to the insurer. Alternatively, employees can self pay.

Appointments: There are various ways of booking appointments whether this is through a central booking system or online, both of which are very easy for employees to access.

On-site physiotherapy shows a commitment by the company to staff health and well being, which may help towards the recruitment and retention of talented employees as well as helping to boost productivity.

Looking after yourself at work, as well as the team around you, is crucial to business success. And with that in mind, prevention and accessible treatment are both of extremely high value to both employee and employer.

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